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Ethan & Ting said,

"Reid took our engagement photos for us, and we are very happy about both the process and the results. Before taking the photos, we had several scenes in different places pictured in our minds. He was very willing to meet our needs. He took a lot photos of us in those locations, and it turned out that he completely realized the scenes in our mind. Actually, they were better than what we pictured in our minds! Reid is very good at utilizing natural sunlight and capturing our facial expressions. We would totally recommend Reid to our friends in the future."

Cari said,

"I used Reid for my engagement and wedding photos, and I was very pleased with both. I'm kind of uncomfortable in front of the camera, thus no glamor shots, but Reid did an amazing job capturing the special moments I had throughout the night. He was easy to work with and someone I wouldn't mind doing business with again!"